Welcome to our farm!

Located in Pinnaroo, we grow, sprout and mill our grain to create nutritious flours. Our passion is in agriculture, sustainability and creating 100% sprouted ingredients which nourish your body.

Established 1926

Australia’s own sprouted red lentils

Our gluten-free sprouted lentil flour, tantalises your taste buds with its soft, earthy and nutty flavour. The versatility of our lentil flour allows your culinary skills to shine as it can be used in a wide range of sweet or savoury recipes. 

We’ve been inspired by the ancient art of sprouting as it substantially enhances the nutritional profile of our flour, is excellent for gut health and makes grains easier to digest. 

Our sprouted wholemeal wheat flour, is sweeter in taste, functional and an easy way to boost the nutritional value of your everyday recipes.

From our gate to your plate, enjoy cooking with our flour!

Our Flour Nutrition Mission

Our BIG dream is:

  • To be a leader in 100% sprouted Australian plant-based ingredients.
  • To use locally-grown produce and support our regional economy.
  • To grow nutritious foods whilst taking care of our soil.
  • To provide a versatile healthier Australian ingredient.

So, WHY are we doing this?

To use locally-grown produce and support our regional economy.

Our business idea was born from a series of problems Australian lentil farmers faced four years ago, when we were hit by steep overseas export tariffs.

Following this, our region experienced two consecutive bad-weather seasons with limited rainfall and severe frosts.

Due to the dry finish, the lentils were brittle, became chipped and dented and were rejected from the export market purely based on cosmetic imperfections – however they retained all of their nutritional goodness.

We were left with produce but no market to sell it to.
A third catalyst occurred on the home front. One of our daughters was a fussy eater and we needed to find an alternative protein source to incorporate into her diet.

We decided to try milling our lentils into a fine gluten-free flour as a way of incorporating the protein-packed pulse in biscuits, cakes and evening meals. It was a success and so our business began.

After six months in business, our team grew and our strong interest to innovate, lead us down the sprouting path.

Our new objective is to sprout our wheat and lentils in order to create more nutritious flours.

Our sprouted red lentil flour is:

  • Gluten free
  • A good source of protein
  • More micronutrients available
  • An excellent source of dietary fibre
  • Softer and subtle in taste
  • No additives or preservatives
  • Supports gut health

Health benefits – compared with our original lentil flour

  • 30% more iron
  • 25% more magnesium
  • 15% more folate
  • 10% more calcium

Our business is also conducting extensive research into sprouting other crop varieties which are grown in our district. Watch this space!