What is sprouting?

We have been inspired by the ancient process of sprouting which activates the growing process of the grain. 

Grains naturally have an antinutrient called phytic acid which blocks the body’s ability to absorb nutrients.

However, when the grain begins their sprouting process, the phytic acid is significantly reduced and this brings benefits as MORE vitamins and minerals become bioavailable for your body.

Basically, sprouting unlocks the seeds’ nutrients so your body doesn’t have to do the work. This makes them a genuine superfood!

Established 1926

Australia’s own 100% sprouted flour

So what's involved in this process?

Here at Pinnaroo Farms we grow wheat, barley and lentils.  Lentils are a vital part of our farm’s no-till cropping rotation. They help to keep our soil healthy by providing structure and fixing organic nitrogen. Around the end of October, we harvest the lentils and store them in our silos.  

To begin the sprouting process, we prepare our grains by washing them.  Once rinsed, they are left to soak which awakens the enzyme and tells the plant to start growing.  After some time, the water is drained and the grains begin their sprouting process. 

When the sprouts reach a particular length, we pause the sprouting process by drying them. Once the grains are sufficiently dried, they are sent to our miller.